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Parental Guidance to Protect Children during Internet Use

The internet is a big bad network, fraught with temptations and inappropriate stuff to attract small minds and lead them astray….

Children should only have supervised internet access in whatever room your lap-top or computer is.  Access should be time-limited and a child should not be allowed on the internet without an adult present. It’s more to do with your relationship with your child, parental monitoring and control. Who’s the grown up in the house? 11 yr olds do not have the right to internet, or privacy online.

There is a system that has software that turns the internet off at certain times and blocks various sites based on keywords. is the official CEOP site and is well worth a visit as it has heaps of advice and information for parents, teachers, teenagers, children etc. and a report abuse button which could be helpful if you feel your child is being exploited in any way.

If your child has already visited unsuitable sites then we suggest a conversation with him/her about why/how come s/he came to visit these particular sites? Investigate what support is available for the trauma they may have experienced.

Are any of his friends involved? Do their parents need some advice if their kids are at risk of exposure? S/he should only look at sites that s/he would be happy for you his/her Mum to look at. If s/he feels it is something s/he has to hide, or is not comfortable about, then it is not appropriate.

S/he will not be able to access anything inappropriate at school as it is filtered and all schools have to have filtered access.

Net Nanny is the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner for parental software. You can manage it remotely and receive reports online. You will be able to know what your child is looking for online. And you can choose to block or monitor activity. You can also monitor and control the time that children spend online. This parental software doesn’t just block web sites. It lets you control games, instant messaging and email. However it may make homework difficult for children by some reports.

Filtering can stops kids doing homework and is very difficult to manage effectively!  vnc better as it monitors them as they work either silently or visibly. The internet service provider or netgear router has timer settings for different users sometimes, websites can be filtered by age but that’s a pain because not all adult sites are unsuitable e.g .ww1 websites.

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